Zerar: Offset Emissions

Zerar is a carbon offset program promoted by the Museu do Caramulo, aimed at all owners of classic and sports cars, who want to make responsible use of their vehicles, whether in the context of sporadic use of them, but also in a competitive environment (as in trophies and other events in which they participate).

To carry out this program, the Museu do Caramulo articulates with the best rating in the market, thus associating itself with Net-Hero, an English organization specialized in the acquisition and negotiation of carbon. The Zerar programme has selected the best projects to be funded, thus ensuring that each purchased carbon credit effectively represents one tonne of carbon dioxide that is removed from the atmosphere.

The role of high-quality carbon credits is therefore an essential tool for reducing carbon by 2030 and achieving full compensation by 2050. In compliance with the Paris Agreement, the planet must rapidly reduce its emissions in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, with reference to pre-industrial levels.

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