Museu do Caramulo has a unique permanent exhibition of antique toys and collectible miniatures. This impressively extensive collection, which began life in 2004, has grown to become one of the museum’s most popular exhibitions.

Featuring more than 3000 pieces which span almost a century of in terms of the history of toys and collectibles, the exhibition captures the fascinating evolution of toys and miniatures through the last century. Advances in modern materials as well as manufacturing methods has seen toys move from tin-plates to plastics and even into high-strength lightweight steels.

The breadth of the collection includes toys and methods from origins as diverse as the designs themselves. It is truly an international cross-section of the history of toys, featuring many from European manufacturers as wells as the USA and other parts of the globe. This deliberate variety is intended to capture the myriad of design and manufacturing methodologies across the different parts of the globe—giving deep insights into the perceptions and psychology of what toys and miniatures have meant to various peoples around the world.

The exhibition not only crosses international borders but also examines a wide range of themes, covering areas such as aviation, trains, boats, automobiles and land, military and war transport, action tracks, games, science fiction and of course, toys very specific to Portugal.